Living Memory Archive

Investigation and Archive / Investigación y Archivo

This project was the first step in formalizing memorial research in the region. 

The project consisted of five phases in the process of investigation and curation: 

1.     Improvement and expansion of bibliographic sources through more interviews, professional recordings, and cross-reference with other sources of historical information
2.     Updating and modernizing exhibits
3.     Digitization of the historical archive 
4.     Adaptation of a multi-media space within the museum to share results 
5.     Launch event to socialize accomplishments with the community and its visitors.

Minca en la red

With the support of the Santa Marta Secretary of Culture, we developed virtual content to continue telling the story of Minca during COVID related lockdowns.

Language and Cultural Heritage School

The school arose to share the stories, wisdom and memories of our community formally

English Classes: In recognition of the reality that participation in the tourism industry currently is limited to those who do not speak another language, Casa de la Memoria launched  free English classes focused on professional vocabulary. With the English classes we hope to open the doors to more equitable participation of local communities. 

Kogui Language and Culture Workshops: Was initiated together with the association ‘La Semilla’ and its vice president, a Kogui cultural ambassador to increase understanding and respect for the older brothers of the Sierra Nevada. Workshops are designed to share wisdom and worldview about nature, traditions, and the importance of care and conservation of ecosystems.  

Workshops are available depending on the availability of our Kogui workshop leader. 

Revival of Traditional Events / Rescue of Traditional Events: There were once many traditions, events, and group activities special to the community of Minca. Unfortunately many of the people stopped participating in the activities out of fear during the conflict. In our interviews, we have recorded memories of activities such as the candle race, Indigenous Olympics and soccer championships, which we have worked to revitalize. Information about upcoming events can be found in the news page 

Open Sky Museum Tours

To contribute to sustainable tourism in the region, Casa de la Memoria developed each line of investigation into a complete day trip led by local experts. Each uses an experiential approach focused on the memory and cultural identity of the region to strengthen cultural and economic exchange between tourists and the local community.

The launch of these tours was delayed due to COVID-19, but we hope to have updates soon.