Museo Minca


Museo Minca is NOT a traditional museum. It is a community storytelling experience that will change the way you see this town forever… 

Minca has become an international tourist destination, but the waterfalls, birds and coffee farms that are sold to visitors are a very small part of Minca’s identity. Her history—a poignant saga of bonanza, loss, joy, despair, fear and hope—is slowly fading from memory.  

This space exists to give the local community a place to tell their own story. It is a place where visitors can come to engage, contribute to the local community and understand its reality. 

These stories are a product of interviews with members of the community. They include the indigenous groups of the Sierra Nevada, the history of coffee, arrival of marihuana, the armed conflict, peace process and  the impact tourism has had. 

By safeguarding the past, we are working to build a better future. We hope you will be a part of it. 

Why a Museum in Minca?

Museo Minca safeguards the unwritten stories of the community. It is a space to explore and reflect about history, responsibility, and the human experience. 

For visitors: to promote conscientious tourism and create opportunities for education, engagement, and collaboration. 

For locals: to help heal, understand, and contextualize the complicated history of the region while honoring those who have passed on and uniting to increase agency.

Indigenous Groups


Peace Process
and Tourism


Unfortunately, Museo Minca closed during COVID-19. We are reorganizing and hope to re-open permanently someday soon.